Rosa ‘Desdemona’

Family: Rosaceae

Rosa ‘Desdemona’ (Auskindling) is an English Shrub Rose, which was bred by David Austin and first introduced to the public at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015.  This rose produces the most beautiful, delicate ivory coloured flowers, which look as if they have been gently painted in watercolours with the softest and faintest peach blush.  The overall effect that this rose displays while it’s in full bloom is utterly charming; this is such a delightfully pretty rose!  Rosa ‘Desdemona’ produces very full flowers with a lovely rounded form.

Many roses that are double flowered feature so many petals that their flowers aren’t beneficial to bees and other insects, as their blooms don’t offer any accessible pollen.  However, as well as being beautiful, ‘Desdemona’ flowers are accessible to bees and other insects, who enjoy collecting pollen from the centre of this lovely rose’s blooms.

In addition to this plant’s charming appearance, I can tell you that Rosa ‘Desdemona’ is a beautifully fragrant rose.  The plant’s blooms produce a gorgeous scent, it’s a delightfully rosey perfume with hints of citrus.  ‘Desdemona’ is one of my favourite roses.  I grow this rose in my own garden, as I simply adore roses with strong, uplifting perfumes.

This rose is a great choice for growing in containers, in beds and borders, or as part of a hedge.  Rosa ‘Desdemona’ is happiest when planted in full sunshine, in moist, but well-drained soil.

Rosa ‘Desdemona’ grows to around 1m (3.5ft) tall and 1m (3.5ft) wide, depending of course, on the soil type, the situation, and the growing conditions your plant experiences.

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