Rosa ‘Emily Brontë’

Family: Rosaceae

This rose was bred by David Austin Roses, and named for the The Brontë Society in remembrance of the bicentenary of the birth of the author Emily Brontë.  Emily Brontë is the sister of fellow novelists, Charlotte and Anne, who also stem from this renowned literary family.  Emily’s only novel, Wuthering Heights, was first published in 1847, just a year before the author’s untimely death, when she was only thirty years old.

Rosa ‘Emily Brontë’ (Ausearnshaw) produces rather unusual, soft apricot pink coloured blooms, which open to reveal apricot orange centres, around a central button eye.  The flower’s petals are at their smallest in the centre of the rose, with each concentric circle of petals becoming larger at each outward turn.  The fully formed, open blooms are rather flat in character, forming attractive rosettes.

David Austin Roses describe Rosa ‘Emily Brontë’ as being a very free flowering rose, which flowers almost continually, from early summer into autumn.

Rosa ‘Emily Brontë’ forms quite a tall, upright, and bushy shrub, which is not so tall or large a shrub to be difficult to accommodate in the garden.  Rosa ‘Emily Brontë’ grows to 1.4m (4 ½ ft) tall and 1.3m (4 ft) wide, depending of course on your soil type and the growing conditions found in your garden.

Rosa ‘Emily Brontë’ was introduced at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

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