Rosa ‘Lyda Rose’

Family: Rosaceae

Rosa ‘Lyda Rose’ is a Modern Shrub Rose that was bred by Kleine Lettunich, in the USA; it was first introduced in 1994.  This rose produces very pretty, open centred, single flowers, with accessible pollen and nectar for bees, hoverflies, and other insects.  The blooms are bathed in pale pink.  While every petal is highlighted with a deeper concentration of the blooms’ pink wash, which outlines the outer circumference of each flower with a rather painterly quality.  The overall effect is quite charming.

The breeder, Kleine Lettunich named this rose ‘Lyda Rose’ in honour of her daughter.  Rosa ‘Lyda Rose’ was bred from Rosa ‘Frances E. Lester’, the similarities between the two roses are evident when the plants are in bloom.

This is a small rose that grows to around 90cm (3ft) tall and spreads to be almost as wide, as the plant is tall.  Rosa ‘Lyda Rose’ is a strong, resilient, repeat flowering rose.  These roses thrive when they’re planted in a position that enjoys full sunshine or partial shade, but Rosa ‘Lyda Rose’ also copes well when planted in shade.  The plants favour any moist, well drained soil.

If you’re planting Rosa ‘Lyda Rose’ in your garden, make sure that you site your plant close to a terrace or seating area, or near a path or doorway, where you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet perfume from your Rosa ‘Lyda Rose’ blooms.


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