Rosa ‘Oxana’

Family: Rosaceae

Rosa ‘Oxana’ (Dicovadatop) is a Floribunda Rose, which was bred by Colin Dickson of Dickson Roses, in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.  Plants produce medium pink flowers, which soften in colour as the blooms age; leaving the flowers with a gentle blush of colour over their petals.  The petals are darker on one side, which gives this rose’s flowers a subtle, but attractive, two tone effect.

Sadly this rose isn’t fragrant.  However, Rosa ‘Oxana’ blooms are open centred and accessible, with pollen and nectar that’s available to bees, hoverflies, butterflies, and other insects.

This rose was first introduced in early July 2017, at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.  Where it was revealed that a customer had arranged to have this rose especially named as a birthday present for his wife, Oxana.  How romantic!

Plant Rosa ‘Oxana’ in moist but well-drained soil.  Soak your rose’s roots in a large bucket of water for 12-24 hours prior to planting.  Use mycorrhizal fungi – apply to your rose’s roots before planting – as the fungi will enable your Rosa ‘Oxana’ plant to create a wider reaching root system, which will ensure your plant has the best chance of a successful establishment.  Choose a bright and sunny position and remove all weeds in the area, before you begin planting.

Rosa ‘Oxana’ grows to around 1m (3.5 ft) tall.

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