Rosa ‘Peach Melba®’

Family: Rosaceae

The Rose of the Year Competition is a prestigious annual rose competition that sees new roses trialled for two years prior to their release.  The roses competing for the coveted title of the Rose of the Year are grown alongside each other in a diverse range of locations, from Aberdeen, Hampshire, Northern Ireland, and East Anglia; each location offers differing soil, climate, growing conditions and challenges.  The health of the roses, their ease of maintenance, their form, colour, scent, and the amount of flowers they produce, are characteristics that are evaluated by the judges when they select the winner of the Rose of the Year Competition.  New rose varieties raised by both UK and International rose breeders that enter into The Rose Of The Year Competition are trialled over a two year period, six years prior to the rose’s commercial release.

Rosa ‘Peach Melba®’ is the winner of the Rose of the Year 2023 Competition.  Rosa ‘Peach Melba®’ (KORmelpea) was bred by W. Kordes’ Söhne at Kordes Roses.

‘Peach Melba®’ is a fairly compact climbing rose that grows up to around 2m (6.5ft) tall and spreads around 80cm (2.5ft) wide.  If you’re looking for a rose to grow up or through an obelisk or wigwam this would be a good choice.  ‘Peach Melba®’ roses are good candidates to add colour to a wall or fence.  Thanks to their naturally constrained height, ‘Peach Melba®’ roses have the added ease of being unlikely to out-grow their situation, which is incredibly useful if you’re planting a rose against a garden fence or wall.

Another characteristic that’s incredibly useful about ‘Peach Melba®’ roses is that this rose can be grown in large, deep planters filled with peat-free compost; this is a useful way to be able to introduce a climbing rose to a patio or balcony garden, where there are no opportunities to be able to plant directly in the soil.  I’d always recommend planting roses in the soil wherever possible, unless you have wet or water-logged soil.

This rose produces flowers that begin life as pointed, coral coloured buds and open up as a warm, yellow-orange coloured flowers.  The blooms quickly age to a pretty peach colour, before taking on raspberry tints and blushed colour washes.  Both the colouring of ‘Peach Melba®’ roses flowers and the scent of these blooms is to me reminiscent of the colour and scent of nectarines – although you could also argue that these roses’ flowers display the colour of peaches.

‘Peach Melba®’ is not a rose with a strong or powerful fragrance.  Rosa ‘Peach Melba®’ flowers have a light, fruity scent that reminds me of ripening nectarines with added warming hints of orange.

Rosa ‘Peach Melba®’ foliage has an attractive sheen. The leaves are glossy and very healthy on my plant so far.

Plant Rosa ‘Peach Melba®’ in any moist but well-drained soil in a bright and sunny location.  This rose will flourish in sunshine or partial shade.  After planting (and annually in February or March), spread a mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost around your rose.

In February 2023, Roses UK sent me this bare root ‘Peach Melba®’ rose to trial.

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