Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’

Family: Rosaceae

Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ is a substantial, vigorous rambling rose, which will require a strong and sturdy, robust support to hold the weight of this rose and its glorious snow white, scented flowers.  Plants produce strong, thick stems that feature large thorns, which aid the rose, helping ‘Rambling Rector’ to scramble and climb up and over trees, summerhouses, pergolas, and buildings.

It’s easy to under estimate the size of a plant, it’s also very easy to be charmed by a rose and then tell yourself that you make room for a plant that in reality would be likely to swamp most gardens.  This is something I see so often with this rose, which is perfectly understandable – ‘Rambling Rector’ is just such a handsome and impressive rose – it’s impossible not to come across a photograph of ‘Rambling Rector’ and not then dream of planting your own specimen.  My photograph at the top of this page focuses is on one individual bloom, to highlight the fact that this rose’s has accessible flowers, perfect for bees, hoverflies, and butterflies, to feed from.  When it’s in bloom, ‘Rambling Rector’ is covered in hundreds, if not thousands, of these glorious flowers.

You might think that you’ll contain this rambler by judicious pruning, but in truth this isn’t possible and you’ll only succeed in hampering this lovely rose.  If it’s a battle of wills, ‘Rambling Rector’ will win, hands down.  The morale of the story is to only purchase ‘Rambling Rector’ if you have sufficient space and a strong enough structure to support and entertain this beautiful beast.

Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ will grow up to around 7m (23ft) tall; plants can happily cover the same area widthways.  If you have a large apple tree, ‘Rambling Rector’ can be trained to grow up the main stem of your tree, to form a lovely lollipop tree of beautiful rose blooms, in the late summertime; this can really be quite spectacular, so if you have the room, I’d encourage you to go for it!

Plant Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ in any moist but well-drained soil.  This rose is naturally very vigorous, it flourishes even in poor soils and thrives when planted in bright and sunny areas.  Plants also cope well in partly shaded conditions.

Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ can also be grown over a large pergola, a shed or summerhouse.  Although the weight of this rose, with its thick and heavy, thorny stems, and vast amount of growth and flowers in the summertime, should not be underestimated!

Rosa ‘Rambling Rector’ is a once flowering rose.  While it’s in bloom, ‘Rambling Rector’ epitomises the glory of high summer, when it feels like the long, warm sunny days will last forever.  This is a fabulous plant to grow for bees, hoverflies, and other insects.  Bees buzz happily around the flowers, it’s a heart warming sight.

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