Rosa ‘Scent From Heaven’

Family: Rosaceae

Rosa ‘Scent From Heaven’ (‘Chewbabaluv’) (PBR) is an award winning rose, that was bred in the UK, by Chris Warner.  This special rose has been presented with many accolades to recognise its healthy growing habit and pleasing fragrance; Rosa ‘Scent From Heaven’ (‘Chewbabaluv’) (PBR) was the winner of the prestigious Rose of the Year 2017 Competition.

Rosa ‘Scent From Heaven’ is a climbing rose, which produces warm orange coloured, double flowers with a delightfully sweet and fruity fragrance.  The flowers begin life as pointed flower buds, at this stage they make super button holes.  ‘Scent From Heaven’ flower buds unravel as the flowers age, to become open centred roses, with accessible nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.  This is a repeat flowering rose, with a gorgeous fruity, rosey perfume.

Rosa ‘Scent From Heaven’ grows to around 3m (10ft) tall, and 2m (6.5ft) wide, depending on the plant’s soil and growing conditions.  This rose will flourish in any moist. but well-drained soil; find a position that enjoys full sunshine or partial shade.

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