Rosa ‘Wild Edric’

Family: Rosaceae

Here’s another superb rose that was bred by David Austin Roses.  Rosa ‘Wild Edric’ is an English Shrub Rose.  This is a beautiful rose to grow as a hedge – if I was planting a rose hedge, ‘Wild Edric’ would be the rose I’d choose.  Having said that, Rosa ‘Wild Edric’ also makes a fantastic plant to grow in garden beds and borders.  In the garden, Rosa ‘Wild Edric’ combines well with perennials and shrubs.

I’ve been growing Rosa ‘Wild Edric’ (Aushedge) since this rose was launched at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show, back in 2005.  I was drawn to this rose because its blooms are accessible to bees and other pollinating insects; this and the fact that ‘Wild Edric’ blooms are also highly perfumed meant that I simply had to have this rose!  Many plants sound absolutely fantastic when I peruse nursery catalogues, but when I grow the real plants in my garden they don’t always live up to my expectations; however, I’ve been thrilled with this rose.  If I was planting a new garden, I’d definitely include ‘Wild Edric’ in my planting plans, as this is a superb rose with a fantastic fragrance.

On warm, sunny days, when my plant’s in bloom, I delight in setting up my sun lounger near ‘Wild Edric’ to relish this rose’s perfume.  The scent is typical of a traditional old rose perfume – it’s divine!  ‘Wild Edric’ blooms are a vibrant raspberry-pink.  The flowers are large and semi double; they really make an impact!

Rosa ‘Wild Edric’ is a really thorny plant, it’s chock-a-block full of spines – thorns line every stem – right up unto the tip of the stem and the base of each flower.  My advice is to wear thick gloves when dead-heading spent ‘Wild Edric’ blooms, as the flowering stems really are spiky!  This rose needs quite a bit of dead-heading, as it’s very floriferous.  ‘Wild Edric’ flowers start life as pointed buds; once you’ve spotted a bud, the flowers will most likely open that day or the following day.  The blooms aren’t long-lasting, they form buds, come into bloom, and then fade within a week, but new flowers are always on the horizon – this is a repeat flowering rose that sends up new blooms intermittently throughout the summer into autumn.

Plant Rosa ‘Wild Edric’ in any moist but well drained soil, in a bright and sunny position; this rose loves to bask in the sunshine!

Rosa ‘Wild Edric’ grows to form a shrub that will extend to around 1.8m (6ft) wide and around 1.4m (4.5ft) tall.

David Austin chose to name this rose after a Saxon Lord from Shropshire.

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