Sarcococca confusa

Family: Buxaceae

Countries: Asia, China

Sarcococca confusa is a hardy, evergreen shrub that flowers from December to March each year.  This is not a shrub that many people would take notice of or remember for much of the year, but from the wintertime, until early spring, a gardener that grows this shrub is blessed by the fragrance of Sarcococca confusa‘s sweetly scented, highly fragrant flowers, which fill the garden with their intoxicating perfume – it’s fabulous!

It might surprise you to know that these highly perfumed flowers are tiny.  I often see folks walking past this plant and looking around, as they cannot work out which plant is producing such a beautiful perfume!  Sarcococca confusa flowers are not very large in size, nor are they glamorous in their appearance, but these flowers are very beneficial, as they produce such a wonderful perfume, and more importantly, Sarcococca confusa’s flowers benefit bees and other pollinating insects, as this shrub flowers at a time of year when pollen and nectar is hard to find.  This is such a great plant for gardeners too – the fragrance of Sarcococca confusa‘s flowers lifts my spirits on gloomy winter days, I hope that you’ll enjoy this plant during the winter and spring time.

If you’re thinking of growing Sarcococca confusa, this is a great plant for containers or for planting as a hedge.

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