Schoenorchis fragrans

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, China, India, Myanmar, Vietnam

Schoenorchis fragrans is a miniature epiphytic orchid species that can be found growing in India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and China, where this orchid grows upon trees, in moist forests.  Schoenorchis fragrans has thick, leathery leaves that have an attractive purple underside, this miniature orchid produces clusters of tightly packed, faintly scented, pink crystalline flowers during the summer time.

I purchased my first Schoenorchis fragrans in October 2016, but the plant arrived with a number of problems – notably an infestation of various pests.  As this miniature orchid was visibly declining each day that it was in my care, rather than risk introducing pests into the rest of my collection, I decided not to continue growing this particular specimen, so I disposed of this plant.  You can see this miniature orchid in my BiOrbAir Review – Growing Miniature Orchids in the BiOrbAir (part six).

In early November 2016 I bought a larger, pest-free, replacement specimen of Schoenorchis fragrans from Burnham Nurseries, you can see how this miniature orchid specimen is growing in my long-term review of the BiorbAir (part eight).  This review was written at the time that this healthy Schoenorchis fragrans specimen was first included in this terrarium.  You can see how well this Schoenorchis fragrans specimen fares in this update, and in the review instalments that follow.

You can see the same Schoenorchis fragrans specimen that you see pictured above, in flower, in this update here.

In this third Orchidarium Update, you can see every stage of this same Schoenorchis fragrans specimen’s flowering, from the very first sign that a flower bud was developing, then to the flower buds as they open, showing photographs of this diminutive little orchid in every stage of flower, until the flowers had faded.

In this fourth Orchidarium Update, you can follow this same Schoenorchis fragrans specimen and see this plant in flower the following year.

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