Scindapsus pictus trebie

Family: Araceae

Scindapsus pictus trebie is an evergreen climbing plant that’s makes a decorative houseplant.  Plants produce these beautiful thick, heart shaped green leaves that are coloured with a pretty silvery variegation.  Each leaf is rather subtly outlined with silver, it’s really very pretty.  This is a very attractive houseplant.

Protect your plant from too intense, mid afternoon light.  Water your plant regularly.  Aim to ensure that your plant benefits from growing in moist, but well drained compost.  This plant doesn’t want to sit in wet, boggy compost, but it also doesn’t want to dry out, either.  Scindapsus pictus trebie thrives when it’s grown in an area that enjoys bright, diffused light.

Scindapsus pictus trebie plants grow to around 1.25m (4ft) tall and around 1m (3.3ft) wide.  If a Scindapsus pictus trebie plant is particularly happy, it may even be tempted to form a larger specimen.  Make sure that you provide your Scindapsus pictus trebie plant with something to climb up or trail over.

This plant favours warm conditions.  Keep your Scindapsus pictus trebie plant in an area where the temperatures won’t fall below 15C (60F).

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