Selaginella martensii ‘Jori’

Family: Selaginellaceae

Countries: Central America, Mexico

Selaginella martensii ‘Jori’ is also known by its common name of Martens Club Moss.

Selaginella martensii ‘Jori’ requires a humid environment and needs to grow in a sunny or partially shaded area to flourish.  Selaginella martensii ‘Jori’ grows up to 20cm (8inches) in height.

I planted this Selaginella martensii ‘Jori’ specimen inside my BiOrbAir terrarium.  You can discover how well this Selaginella martensii ‘Jori’ specimen is growing in my long-term review of the BiOrbAir.  In this and the continuing trial updates, you can discover more photographs and details of how this Selaginella martensii ‘Jori’ specimen faired when I planted it inside this terrarium.

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