Selaginella pallescens

Family: Selaginellaceae

Countries: Mexico, United States

Selaginella pallescens makes a super addition to a terrarium or bottle garden, as this plant is both interesting and beautiful, and it is perfectly suited to the growing conditions a bottle garden provides.  Selaginella pallescens requires very humid conditions to succeed.  If you’re thinking of growing Selaginella pallescens, you’ll need to provide your plants with an environment where the humidity level won’t fall below 60% RH, so a terrarium, bottle garden, or vivarium, is usually the best location for this endearing plant.  Selaginellas are so attractive so I understand the temptation to wish to grow Selaginella pallescens as a houseplant, but even a bathroom would not provide sufficiently humid conditions for this plant, unless the shower in your bathroom was in constant use!

Selaginella pallescens grows best in low light levels, in shaded or partially shaded situations, away from harsh, direct light.

Selaginella pallescens can grow as a lithophyte on rocks, but this plant is most commonly grown terrestrially in well drained, evenly moist soil or peat free compost.

Ensure that your plants are not exposed to temperatures below 13C (55F).  Selaginella pallescens can vary in its growth habit according to the conditions the plant is grown in, these sweet, ferny looking plants can grow up to 15cm (6 inches) tall.

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