Selaginella uncinata

Family: Selaginellaceae

Countries: Asia, China, India, Vietnam

Selaginella uncinata is also called by its common name of Peacock Moss, which references the blue-green, almost metallic colour of this stunning evergreen perennial’s foliage, which has an almost iridescent appearance, resembling the colouring of the peacock’s feathers.  The colour of Selaginella uncinata‘s foliage is most pronounced when this plant is grown in more deeply shaded conditions, but plants can also be grown successfully in partial shade.  Avoid growing Selaginella uncinata in bright, or harsh light, as this will scorch the plant’s colourful foliage and be very detrimental to your plants.

Selaginella uncinata is a low growing plant, that reaches a maximum height of 15cm (6 inches).  This plant has a spreading, trailing habit, it almost reaches out to the distance as it grows.

Selaginella uncinata flourishes in very moist, but well drained soil or compost.  This plant does not cope well in a drought, it’s important to ensure that your plant is grown in consistently damp compost.

Selaginella uncinata makes a fantastic terrarium plant, as this plant thrives in evenly moist soil, flourishing under low light levels, in a very humid environment.

Selaginella uncinata is hardier than you might expect, this charming plant can be grown as a garden plant outdoors in most areas of the UK, and is hardy in USDA zones 6 to 10.  Plant Selaginella uncinata in well drained, moist soil, in a sheltered spot, where your plants will be partially or fully shaded.  As this plant loves a humid environment, you may wish to plant Selaginella uncinata near a water feature.

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