Soleirolia soleirolii

Family: Urticaceae

Countries: Europe, Italy, Mediterranean

Soleirolia soleirolii (also known by its common name of Mind-Your-Own-Business) is a fast-growing, ground-covering perennial.  The stems of Soleirolia soleirolii root readily, which helps this plant to spread rapidly.  I must warn you, whether you grow this plant indoors or outside, Soleirolia soleirolii can be an invasive plant!  The plus side of this plant’s keen, spreading nature is that you can easily divide Soleirolia soleirolii to make new plants!

Soleirolia soleirolii produces tiny, rounded leaves, which add a delicate touch to any terrarium planting indoors.  This plant thrives in a humid environment, so it flourishes inside a terrarium, positioned in bright, but indirect light.

If you’re growing your Soleirolia soleirolii as a houseplant, ensure that you keep your plant’s compost very moist, don’t allow your plant’s compost to dry out.  I have grown my plants rather like I grow African Violets (Saintpaulia) namely: planted in a regular plastic pot filled with peat-free compost.  I place my pots (just regular plastic pots with drainage holes in the bottom) on saucers, I keep the saucers topped up with rainwater every week, during the growing season.  This growing method ensures that the Soleirolia soleirolii plant’s compost stays wet – moist, which helps this pretty plant to cope with the dry environment inside our homes.

Soleirolia soleirolia can also be used outside in the garden, where it can be planted around paving slabs and used to create a green carpet in damp, or shady areas.  Soleirolia soleirolii is a good choice of plant to use to create a green carpet to replicate the look of a lawn, but without the mowing!  Different coloured varieties are available.  Hardy down to around -10C (14F).

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