Spathiphyllum wallisii

Family: Araceae

Countries: Americas, Colombia, South America

Spathiphyllum wallisii is known widely by its common name of Peace Lily.  This is such a charming name and very fitting, as the flowers appear like a white flag for peace or a candle of hope.  In Europe, Spathiphyllum wallisii is often grown as a houseplant.  This versatile species originates from Colombia and Central America.  In Spathiphyllum wallisii plants’ natural environment, this species’ flowers are very popular with butterflies.  One of the many positive attributes that Spathiphyllum wallisii plants possess is this plant will thrive in a variety of different growing conditions.

This Peace Lily flourishes in rooms that receive bright light, as well as thriving in partially shaded rooms.  Remarkably, the Peace Lily can also do well in lower light levels in more shaded rooms; although this houseplant doesn’t grow well in overly dark rooms.  If you are growing Spathiphyllum wallisii in rooms with lower light levels your plant may not flower as often or grow as rapidly; the light needs to be of sufficient quality to induce flowering in Spathiphyllum wallisii.  If you long for your Peace Lily to bloom, try moving your plant to a slightly brighter position – nearer a window, or alternatively move your plant to a lighter and brighter room.

Spathiphyllum flowers.

Spathiphyllum wallisii is a tender, evergreen perennial; don’t be tempted to plant a Peace Lily outdoors, unless your outside minimum temperature in winter is always above 10C (50F).

The Peace Lily is such a great houseplant for everyone!  It’s a good choice for beginner indoor gardeners, as this plant’s leaves droop and become noticeably limp when the plant needs water.  As soon as you notice your plant’s leaves starting to wilt or droop, water your plant thoroughly, allowing water to run through the compost, and out of the drainage holes at the bottom of your pot.  Run water over your plant’s leaves every now and then or wipe the foliage gently with a damp piece of kitchen paper to keep the leaves free of dust and refresh your plant.

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