Tanacetum parthenium

Family: Asteraceae

Countries: Asia, Bulgaria, Europe, Greece, Himalayas, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, Turkey, Yugoslavia

Tanacetum parthenium is a useful herbaceous perennial.  This is a really easy to grow, undemanding plant that flowers during the summer months.  I cut my plants back heavily after their flowers fade.  I usually cut my plants right back to the ground – don’t worry – this doesn’t harm the plants – they soon grow up and flower again!  Plants bloom in cycles, from June until September.

Ideally, this is a plant for bright and sunny position; although Tanacetum parthenium will grow in a partially shaded area.  Tanacetum parthenium thrives in any moist but well drained soil; avoid growing Tanacetum parthenium in heavy clay soils or on sites that are prone to water-logging.

These plants are hardy and resilient and they self seed freely.  Cut back Tanacetum parthenium flowers as they fade, if you want to prevent self-seeding.  Tanacetum parthenium is not a deep rooted plant, these plants are easily lifted – if you decide you want to move it.

Tanacetum parthenium grows to around 70cm (2.3ft) tall, depending on the soil, site, situation, and growing conditions.  This is an easy to grow plant.  In the UK, seed can be sown outdoors, directly where you want your plants to grow.  Sow Tanacetum parthenium seeds in springtime – from the beginning of March until the end of April – although you could sow your seeds earlier in a protected environment, on a window sill or inside a glasshouse.  If you’re sowing seeds undercover, don’t forget that you’ll have to harden your plants off, by taking the plants outside in the daytime and bringing them indoors again at night, for two or three weeks prior to planting out.  Plants can be grown in containers or planted out in the garden.

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