Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’

Family: Brassicaceae

Countries: Africa, Ethiopia

I love to write about really easy to grow, great-tasting vegetables, so I’m truly excited to tell you about this type of Texsel Greens!  Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ (also known by its botanical name Brassica carinata) is an incredibly useful, edible plant that produces delicious tasting, garlic-flavoured leaves.  ‘Garlic Kale’ makes a lovely addition to salads, sandwiches, soups, and other dishes.  The leaves of Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ deliver a distinctive garlic flavour, which makes home-made meals so much more interesting and flavourful.  These plants don’t produce ‘hot’ or intense tasting leaves, but their garlic character is instantly recognisable and appreciated.  I adore growing, eating, and sharing this super vegetable!

In the UK, Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ seeds can be sown under the protection of a glasshouse or polytunnel from January until the end of June (mid winter through until early summer); or more feasibly, outdoors without any protection: from March until the end of May (early spring until late spring), and again from August to September (late summer to early autumn).  Sprinkle Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ seed fairly thinly and top with a light covering of soil or peat-free compost.

Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ plants thrive when grown outdoors in directly in the soil of our allotments or garden beds and borders.  I’ve found that this is also a great choice of vegetable to grow in containers filled with peat-free composts.  These plants require very little in the way of maintenance (water your plants during extended periods of dry weather – this is especially important for container grown plants).  Harvesting couldn’t be easier – there’s no fiddly preparation or time consuming washing required – simply cut Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ leaves and give them a quick rinse under the tap.

I’ve been trialling growing Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ in a variety of growing conditions; through my Vegetable Trials, I’ve discovered that this is such a versatile vegetable.  I’ve only read about Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ being recommended for growing in sunny locations, when sown directly in the ground, but in my repeated Trials, this vegetable has also thrived in my Vegepod, which is currently positioned in an area of exceptionally deep shade.  Most edible plants need direct sunshine or at least partial shade to succeed; so Texsel Greens ‘Garlic Kale’ with its absolutely fabulous flavour is undoubtedly a very valuable plant for gardeners.  I hope you’ll enjoy growing this vegetable as much as I do.

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