Tillandsia usneoides

Family: Bromeliaceae

Countries: Americas, Argentina, Mexico, North America, South America

Tillandsia usneoides is an air plant, which is also known by its common name of Spanish moss.  Tillandsia usneoides belongs to the Bromeliaceae family.  Tillandsia usneoides can be found growing in a wide range of sub tropical and tropical habitats, it is often seen growing in a the branches of trees, though it can also be seen growing over telegraph poles and other structures!  Tillandsia usneoides is often found growing near water, it favours moist, humid conditions.

Tillandsia usneoides requires frequent misting, this air plant needs a position where your plant can enjoy bright, but diffused light in order to allow it to thrive.  Tillandsia usneoides is a tender plant, if you’re considering growing this epiphyte, you’ll need to provide your plant with a very humid environment, with a minimum temperature of 15C (59F) and above.  You’ll need something to hang your Tillandsia usneoides plants from – a branch, or a piece of rope perhaps?  You will need to mist your plant with rainwater each day and you’ll also have to soak your plant in rainwater regularly and provide a consistently humid environment with sufficient light.  This air plant needs bright light, but harsh, direct light can harm it, so you’re looking to find, or create a spot where your Tillandsia can bask in bright, diffused light, light softened by a frosted window, a net curtain, or by a North facing window.

Tillandsia usneoides was growing inside my BiOrbAir terrarium, you can see how the plant faired when placed inside this specialised terrarium in my long-term review of the BiOrbAir.  This link will take you straight to the trial update which was written at the time when this air plant was first included inside this terrarium.  By following this, and the subsequent trial updates, you can follow this particular Tillandsia usneoides specimen’s growth and development.

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