Tomato ‘Crimson Crush’

Family: Solanaceae

‘Crimson Crush’ tomato plants produce medium to large, round red tomatoes, which ripen from summer to early autumn.  This tomato variety can be planted in the ground or grown in containers.  Tomato ‘Crimson Crush’ plants can be grown either inside a polytunnel or glasshouse, or these tomatoes can be started off undercover and then grown successfully outdoors, once all risk of frost has passed, in the summertime.

‘Crimson Crush’ is an indeterminate or cordon tomato hybrid, which has excellent disease resistance.

Tomato ‘Crimson Crush’ was bred by Simon Crawford, from Burpee Seeds.  If you’re interested in growing tomatoes, you’ll find more detailed articles about growing tomatoes (including my Tomato Trials), here.

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