Tomato ‘Orange Banana’

Family: Solanaceae

‘Orange Banana’ is a plum tomato that produces orange coloured, plum tomatoes with a pointed tip.  This is a sweet tasting, full flavoured plum tomato.  Fruits can be eaten fresh from the plant, juiced, canned, dried, or used in a wide range of cooked dishes, including ketchup, sauces, paste, and soup.  ‘Orange Banana’ tomato skins are really easy to remove, making this a great tomato for cooking.

This is an indeterminate or cordon tomato – the plants are trained to grow vertically, with one central stem.  This tomato plant will require a sturdy support.  I have designed a simple tall, wooden tomato frame that I use to grow tomatoes.  Each year my tomatoes are planted under the frame.  A length of strong twine is tied securely to the top of my tomato frame, the other end of this same length of twine is then loosely tied to the base of my tomato plant, under a leaf joint – for extra security.  I make sure that this twine is tied securely to the top of the frame and the twine is taut.  Then I twist the twine around my cordon tomato plant’s stem, to support the plants, as they grow.  I’ve grown tomatoes this way for many years.  It’s the most successful method I have found.  It is also easily and quick!  However, it is very important to use a strong, heavy duty twine that won’t snap or break.

‘Orange Banana’ is a productive and good flavoured tomato.  If you’re growing Tomato ‘Orange Banana’ or indeed any cordon tomatoes, make sure that your plants’ side shoots are removed regularly throughout the growing season, to ensure that you benefit from your plants’ maximum tomato production!  If you’re interested in growing tomatoes, you’ll find more detailed articles about growing tomatoes (including my Tomato Trials), here.

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