Tomato ‘Purple Ukraine’

Family: Solanaceae

Tomato ‘Purple Ukraine’ is a tomato plant that produces large sized plum tomatoes that ripen to a chocolate-burgundy colour.  These tomatoes can be eaten fresh in sandwiches or salads, or cooked to produce tomato sauces, ketchup, soup, salsa, and more.

In the UK, ‘Purple Ukraine’ tomatoes need to be started off in the warmth, under cover.  Sow your tomato seeds in pots or seed trays, filled with peat free compost; place your seed trays or containers inside a glasshouse or polytunnel.  If you don’t have a glasshouse, don’t worry, pop your pots inside a conservatory, or place them on a bright, sunny window sill.  Tomato seeds require heat to germinate, so you may want to start your plants off inside a heated propagator.

I’ve found ‘Purple Ukraine’ to be a very productive tomato plant that generates a large harvest of brown-purple coloured, rounded plum tomatoes.  This tomato cultivar was developed in the Ukraine, hence the name, ‘Purple Ukraine’.  If you’re interested in growing tomatoes, you’ll find more detailed articles about growing tomatoes (including my Tomato Trials), here.

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