Tomato ‘Shimmer’

Family: Solanaceae

Tomato ‘Shimmer’ is a rather wonderful tomato hybrid; these plants produce small plum tomatoes, which are a little larger than most cherry tomatoes.  ‘Shimmer’ tomatoes are very attractive, the ripening fruit feature red, orange, green, and gold stripes, they taste delicious too!

Tomato ‘Shimmer’ is an indeterminate, or cordon tomato hybrid.

Tomato ‘Shimmer’ pictured on the 25th July 2018, during my Tomato Trial.

Tomato ‘Shimmer’ was bred by Henk van der Velde, from Burpee Seeds.  If you’re interested in growing tomatoes, you’ll find more detailed articles about growing tomatoes (including my Tomato Trials), here.

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