Tomato ‘Super Mama’

Family: Solanaceae

Tomato ‘Super Mama’ is a Roma or plum tomato variety.  ‘Super Mama’ tomato plants produce large, red plum tomatoes, these plum tomatoes are ideally suited for cooking in a variety of dishes, including risottos, soups, and sauces.

‘Super Mama’ tomato plants can be grown inside a glasshouse or polytunnel, or ‘Super Mama’ tomatoes can also be successfully grown outdoors, once all risk of frost has passed.

Tomato ‘Super Mama’ is an indeterminate, or cordon, tomato hybrid.

Tomato ‘Super Mama’ was bred by Dr Paul Thomas, from Burpee Seeds.  If you’re interested in growing tomatoes, you’ll find more detailed articles about growing tomatoes (including my Tomato Trials), here.

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