Tomato ‘White Cherry’

Family: Solanaceae

Tomato ‘White Cherry’ is a tomato cultivar that produces medium sized, cream coloured tomatoes.  When Tomato ‘White Cherry’ plants are exposed to a higher intensity of sunlight they will produce fruit that are a little more yellow in colour – with fruits that eventually ripen to a soft, pastel yellow.  While, Tomato ‘White Cherry’ plants that are grown in a shadier spot will produce tomatoes that are closer to a paler cream colour when ripe.  Either way, ‘White Cherry’ tomatoes are very pretty indeed.

This is an intermediate or cordon tomato, which is easily trained to form one main stem.  It’s important to regularly remove the plant’s sideshoots throughout the growing season, as doing so will allow your tomato plant to divert all their energy into tomato production, instead of leaf production.

In the UK, ‘White Cherry’ tomatoes are best started off inside a glasshouse or polytunnel, or on a bright window sill.  Once all risk or frost has passed, which is usually in late May in the South and early June across the rest of Great Britain, these tomatoes can be grown successfully outside.  Although, if you want to, you can grow ‘White Cherry’ tomatoes inside a glasshouse or polytunnel, if you prefer.

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