Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’

Family: Commelinaceae

Countries: Central America, Guatemala, Mexico, North America

Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’ is an upright-growing Tradescantia that forms compact plants made up of handsome rosettes of attractive green foliage.  The pointed leaves are large in size; the foliage is nice and smooth with a lovely sheen.  This plant’s white flowers are borne within green bracts and are held tightly to the plant’s stem.  I am really fond of Tradecantia spathacea ‘Concolor’; it’s a tidy and compact Tradescantia with thicker and much longer leaves than the other varieties I’ve grown.  If you’re looking for something different to the traditional trailing Tradescantias, I’d recommend you give Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’ a try!

Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’ is an evergreen perennial that flourishes in light and bright rooms.  I’ve found Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’ to be an adaptable and fairly accommodating houseplant that doesn’t need a particular humidity level to succeed.  Tradescantia thrive in much lower humidity levels than many gardeners realise; there is no need to mist Tradescantia leaves, your plant won’t thank you for it.  Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’ plants are usually at their best when grown in standard light in light and sunny rooms.

I’ve grown my Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’ plant from a cutting I potted up six months ago; my plant has grown in size but it’s still very compact.  However, we’re only just entering the growing season and my plant has been stressed by the outbreak of thrips across my indoor plants, which has reduced my plant’s vigour and caused some of the leaf tips to be somewhat pinched and twisted, as you can see in the image above.  If you grow houseplants, it’s worth spraying your plants every week with SB Plant Invigorator; please note that I only recommend using SB Plant Invigorator on indoor plants – there is no need to spray outdoor plants, as the predators will take care of any pests.  Spraying outdoor plants takes away a vital food source from our birds, and other predators, spraying SB Plant Invigorator and will also harm any bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects that come into contact with the solution.

I potted my Tradescantia spathacea ‘Concolor’ plant into a 8cm pot filled with a mix of 2-3 parts of Coir, 1 part sand, 1 part SylvaGrow John Innes Number 3, 1 part perlite, 1 part fine bark.  I water all of my houseplants with rainwater collected from my roof.  Unless your tap water is supplied by a natural spring, I never recommend using tap water to irrigate houseplants, as mains water contains salts and treatments that can be detrimental to plants overtime.

I’ve got an outbreak of thrips on my houseplants at the moment, which is really annoying and has decimated some of my Tradescantia.  I’m using SB Plant Invigorator to control the thrips, but because I have so many houseplants this is a mammoth task!  I’ve only managed to spray all of my houseplants with SB Plant Invigorator on the same day twice this year.  I find that some of the hairy-leaved Tradescantias deeply resent being sprayed or having any moisture on their leaves but this species is more forgiving.

I always recommend growing Tradescantias in rooms where the minimum night-time winter temperature never drops below 13C (55F).

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