Trisetella hoeijeri

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Americas, Ecuador, South America

As the saying goes, ‘good things come in small packages’.  To prove this adage, here’s a teeny tiny orchid: Trisetella hoeijeri is an absolute darling of a plant.  An impossibly cute, exquisite beauty; I promise that this magnificent orchid will touch your heart, lift your spirits, and make you smile!

Trisetella hoeijeri is a mini miniature, epiphytic orchid species from Ecuador.  In the wild, these orchids grow in cloud forests, where Trisetella hoeijeri thrives in very moist, shaded conditions, growing upon tree trunks and branches.  Related to Masdevallias, Trisetella hoeijeri is a cool growing orchid species that flourishes in a continually moist, humid and steamy environment.  These orchids do not want a drier rest or any seasonal weather changes, Trisetella hoeijeri plants require consistent growing conditions, throughout the year.

This is a floriferous orchid that will happily bloom at any time of year.  These diminutive little plants pump out these magnificent white, triangular-shaped flowers.  Each flower is absolutely gigantic in comparison to the tiny size of Trisetella hoeijeri plants.  Trisetella hoeijeri‘s single flowers are easily admired, as they’re held up above the leaves – so the blooms really stand out.

The plant in my photograph is growing in a small container, but Trisetella hoeijeri is an epiphyte that can also be grown mounted on a piece of cork bark or upon another structure.  Trisetella hoeijeri plants should be misted every day, as these tiny orchids thrive in wet conditions.  Mounted plants may require misting a number of times a day; it all depends on your individual growing conditions.  These mini miniature orchids have fine roots that need continuous access to moisture and mustn’t dry out.  To successfully grow Trisetella hoeijeri, consistently humid growing conditions of 70%RH and above, and regular misting are absolutely essential.  This orchid species also requires cool temperatures and soft, filtered, indirect light, as well as a continually humid environment, making Trisetella hoeijeri a great candidate to grow in a terrarium, vivarium, orchidarium, or bottle garden.

Medium air circulation is advisable for optimum plant health, but ensure that you can maintain high humidity levels and optimum moisture around your plant’s roots.

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