Trollius x cultorum ‘Cheddar’

Family: Ranunculaceae

Trollius x cultorum ‘Cheddar’ is a hardy perennial plant that really stands out in the garden, due to its large buttercup-like flowers, which are coloured in the softest shade of warm, almost glowing, buttery cream.  This pretty flower is related to the buttercup.  The similarities are obvious, although the flowers of Trollius x cultorum ‘Cheddar’ are larger and appear earlier than the wild meadow buttercup.  Trollius x cultorum ‘Cheddar’ plants usually bloom from mid spring to early summer, which is from April to June, in the UK.  Flowers can of course appear earlier in a warm season.

Trollius x cultorum ‘Cheddar’ is happiest growing in wet or boggy soil; it flourishes in a bog garden or when planted in an area of the garden that has moisture retentive soil and floods regularly.  Plants grow well in heavy clay soils.

Trollius x cultorum ‘Cheddar’ grows to 90cm (3ft) tall.

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