Turnip ‘Oasis’

Family: Brassicaceae

Turnip ‘Oasis’, known officially by its botanical name of Brassica rapa (Rapifera Group) ‘Oasis’, is an ivory coloured turnip with a sweet and delicious flavour.  This turnip is particularly flavourful when young and is ideal to harvest as a baby vegetable.  Turnip ‘Oasis’ has a bulbous root that can be eaten raw or cooked, but don’t forget that young turnip leaves can also be eaten as turnip tops or greens.

In the UK, Turnip ‘Oasis’ seeds can be sown outside during the spring and summer months.  Although UK gardeners can sow seeds of Turnip ‘Oasis’ in April, May, June, July, and August.  I’ve found that gardeners in the South of England can sow Turnip ‘Oasis’ seeds from April until mid August, but gardeners in more Northerly regions will be more successful with sowings made from April until June.  This is a fast growing vegetable, so sow seeds every couple of weeks, to provide a regular harvest.  Choose a sunny or partially shaded site and sow your seeds directly where you want your plants to grow.  Turnip ‘Oasis’ can also be grown as a container vegetable, in large pots of good quality, peat free compost.

Remember to water your Turnip ‘Oasis’ plants, if the weather is warm and dry.  Your efforts will be rewarded, as your turnip harvest will have an improved flavour and nicer texture.  Don’t wait too long until you harvest your turnips, as this cultivar has a better flavour when the vegetable is small.  Old turnips become tougher and woodier, when they’re much less appetising.

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