Turnip ‘Sweet Marble’

Family: Brassicaceae

Turnip ‘Sweet Marble’ is an F1 hybrid turnip that produces round, white roots.  This is a fast growing vegetable that produces a harvest within a couple of months of sowing.  I enjoy harvesting my ‘Sweet Marble’ turnips when they’re about the size of a golf ball.

This vegetable tastes delicious, the roots can be eaten either raw (younger roots are sweeter than older turnips) or cooked.  It’s not only the turnip roots that can be used in the kitchen, turnip leaves are also edible.  Young turnip plants produce leaves with a much nicer flavour and texture than older specimens, whose leaves have a tendency towards being a little more bitter, with a rougher texture, making them less appetising and not as tasty.  Providing your turnips with regular watering (during spells of dry weather) will ensure that you produce a great harvest of delicious turnips.

Sow Turnip ‘Sweet Marble’ seeds from the start of March until the beginning of July, in the UK.  This is a quick growing vegetable that does well in cool summers.  Plants can be successfully grown in containers as well as in the soil or in raised beds, etc..

Cabbage White Butterflies lay their eggs on Brassicas, including turnips, and then set about devouring the leaves.  If you plan to eat your Turnip ‘Sweet Marble’ leaves, you will need to protect your plants after sowing; this is easily done by covering the turnips with Enviromesh or a similarly resilient, fine netting.  By covering your plants, you will achieve the best harvest and avoid any problems from caterpillars, cabbage root fly, flea beetles, pigeons, and other pests.

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