Vanda nana

Family: Orchidaceae

Countries: Asia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam

Vanda nana is an epiphytic subshrub, a monopodial epiphyte that grows primarily in the wet tropical biome and can be found growing as a wild flower of Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos.  This is a miniature orchid; my Vanda nana plant that you see pictured above measures around 10-12cm tall.  Plants are also known by the synonym, Ascocentrum pusillum.

This miniature epiphytic orchid species can be grown mounted or planted in a small pot, but I prefer to grow my Vanda nana on a mount.  My plant is growing on a plastic mount.  When I purchased my plant this was how it was mounted, so I’ve left the plant to grow on this support.  From time to time, I’ll remove any moss that appears on the mount or on this Vanda’s roots.

Vanda nana is an intermediate to warm growing orchid species; plants flourish when grown in area that enjoys temperatures between 16C and 24C.  These orchids flourish in a very humid environment and thrive inside terrariums.  My Vanda nana plant is misted every day, but this plant is grown inside a terrarium with fans to circulate and refresh the air inside the enclosure.

This orchid is growing inside my Tall Orchidarium.  I’ve positioned the plant just over halfway between the top and the bottom of the tank; here Vanda nana can enjoy bright but soft, filtered lighting.

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