Verbena bonariensis

Family: Verbenacea

Countries: Americas, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, South America

Verbena bonariensis, is an utterly fabulous plant!  However little room I have to garden, I always make room for Verbena bonariensis.  This plant is so accommodating; it’s tall, yet light and airy, and never claustrophobic.  Verbena bonariensis is happy to grow by itself or up close, in amongst other plants in the border.  Plants thrive in full sunshine; Verbena bonariensis also does well in partial shade.  These perennials do well in any well drained soils.  Avoid waterlogged ground.

One of the best plants for butterflies and bees that you can buy; Verbena bonariensis is a drought tolerant and easy to grow plant.  This plant is often described as being border line hardy, but I have found this plant to be more resilient and hardy than many people expect – my Verbena bonariensis plants survived the inconvenient snow that fell not just once, but a couple of times, (and lasted) during the bitterly cold winter that held a grip on the UK during its extended stay, in March 2018.  My plants have never received any protection and yet they have survived every winter for at least 19 years running, in my various gardens and allotments.  That said, Verbena bonariensis is a short lived perennial, (although it always self seeds for me) and you may need to take cuttings or sow seeds to be certain of maintaining your stock.

This South American plant grows up to 2m (6.5ft) tall, clumps can spread to 50cm (20inches) or more, as self sown plants extend this plant’s reach rather delightfully.  Verbena bonariensis is a perennial that flowers from June until October.

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