Family: Papilionaceae

Countries: Asia, China

Wisteria is a genus of tall, climbing plants, that originate from China, Eastern America, and Japan.

Wisteria plants produce beautiful racemes of flowers from April to August.  The flowering time and flower colour vary somewhat for each Wisteria species or cultivar grown.  Some Wisterias produce their flowers before their leaves, or the blooms and foliage may be produced simultaneously, or the flowers can be produced after the leaves.  Generally speaking, the plants that produce their flowers first tend to produce more of a sumptuous floral display, as the cultivars that produce their flowers after the leaves, have some of their blooms hidden by their foliage and so tend not to look as full of flower.  So, if you’re looking for a clear show of flowers, it is worth learning more about the floral impact of any Wisteria cultivars you’re considering purchasing before you place your order.

Flowers can vary in size and shape and colour, but being from the pea plant family Wisteria plants all produce flowers which have recognisable, legume like flowers.  Wisteria flowers range in colour from white, pink, lilac, purple, and every shade in between, Wisteria flowers are often beautifully fragrant.

Plant Wisteria in full sunshine or partial shade.  Wisteria can be grown as a climber on walls, along fences, over arches, and up into trees.  Wisteria can also be trained as a free standing, standard plant, almost like a small tree.  Wisteria can also be grown in containers.

To get Wisteria to flower it’s important to prune your plants correctly, please see my monthly gardening advice (Mid January to mid February, February, and Mid July to Mid August) for more information on how to prune your plants.

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