Each November that I have seen Sarah Beevers, from Sarah Beevers Jewellery Design, at the Loseley Christmas Fair, I have purchased one of Sarah Beevers hand-made Christmas decorations.

Sarah Beevers Jewellery Design’s Christmas decorations sparkle beautifully on my Christmas tree each year, and even my oldest purchases look as good now, as they did when I bought them a few years ago.  

At Christmas, there’s nothing like having a real Christmas tree.  A real, living, growing, potted Christmas tree, that will grow on and live for many more Christmases to come is even better!

At Wheeler Street Nurseries in Witley, in Surrey, you can purchase your own living, Christmas tree that has been grown locally, in Witley.  I chose this very sweet, smaller sized tree, it’s a Norway Spruce (Picea abies), trees this size are priced from £15 – £17.