Disabled Access Day 2019

I believe in equality.  I am a huge supporter of Disabled Access Day.  I believe in the importance of ensuring good quality and safe disabled access to gardens, parks, and outdoor and indoor attractions, and in creating safe and welcoming environments that are open to all visitors, whatever their disability or restriction.  Disabled Access Day 2019 allows disabled visitors the chance to experience a garden, attraction, or another place that’s open to the public, without charge.  

Disabled Access Day began in 2015.  The idea behind this event was to create a special day to celebrate the attractions, gardens, and other days and evenings out, that offer great accessibility for disabled visitors.

The attractions participating in Disabled Access Day 2017, could feature carefully and considerately thought out and planned, level access for disabled visitors, over smooth, wide paths, that are easy to access for visitors, whether they are using a wheelchair or walking on foot, making the garden or attraction a pleasure to visit for disabled visitors who find walking difficult.