I love our planet, I love plants and nature.  I want to protect our environment.  I want to live more sustainably.  Sustainability is not a new desire for me, it is something that I have always aspired to.  Firstly though I must tell you that I am far from perfect, I make mistakes and I am always learning.  I want to improve, I want to make changes to live more sustainably and to live ethically. 

Gifts for Gardeners

I feel such an uplifting, happy sensation when I find the perfect gift.  I have been busy testing out products, searching for special gifts for gardeners.  Here are my recommendations:

Horticultural Society Membership

Membership of a horticultural society would make a super present.  There are many local gardening societies who meet regularly across Surrey, where you can learn about gardening and make new friends.  

I so enjoy using my Felco model No.12 Compact Deluxe secateurs.  Felco is a premium brand.  I aspired to own a pair of Felco secateurs, for what felt like an eternity, before I finally got my own pair of secateurs.  I am so grateful for my Felco secateurs.

My hands are very small, I require a small size of gloves, and even small gloves can at times be a little too large for me.