I am a sentimental old soul, I treasure so many things that most folk would not think twice of throwing away.  I also keep things, just in case they become useful one day.  Yes, you could describe me as a hoarder!

I love our planet.  I love fields, meadows, glades, forests, hills, marshlands, bogs, mountains, streams, rivers, and oceans.  I love to see wildflowers growing in the wild. 

Cleve West designed The M&G Garden for The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.  The RHS judges awarded The M&G Garden a Gold Medal, and Swatton Landscape, who built The M&G Garden, were presented with The Best Construction Award.  This is a new award, the only one of its kind, which was presented for the first time this year, to recognise the importance, and the skill, of the contractors who work at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and to recognise the impact of their work in the finish of each of the Show Gardens.